Welcome to HyerVision

Hyervision is a technology and strategic consulting firm. We provide services to solve the problems faced by companies in the ever changing business environment today. We focus on execution and stress on delivering solutions that work in the real world.

Our experience

Below is a few areas that we have worked on before. These are given as examples, and our expertise and the problem solving goes much beyond what is listed here. Our core focus is to deliver the solutions that work in real world.

  • Telecommunication

    • Various communication channels, such as cellular wireless networks (GSM, CDMA, UMTS, WiMax, and LTE networks), WiFi networks, Bluetooth, and white space radio;
    • Convergence and integration of various networks, heterogenious networks, inter-network handoffs;
    • Traffic shaping and adaptation algorithms proven to enhance performance of real world cellular networks;
    • Reliable and error-resiliance communication of realtime and non-realtime data over error-prone channels.
  • Web and Internet Services

    • Cloud computing and virtual online resources
    • Open API web storage provider, data backup and synchronization services
    • Social network and web widget integration and distribution systems
    • Rich content delivery over web and Internet
  • Multimedia

    • Video codec algorithm and implementation (H.264, MPEG-4, and others)
    • Audio encoding (ITU codecs, cellular vocoders)
    • Multimedia communication systems (SIP, H.323)
    • VoIP systems and integration with teleco and wireless carriers
  • Media and home entertainment

    • Digital home and home media gateway
    • Set-top-box and various VOD content delivery system
    • Digital Right Management systems